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Friday, July 28, 2017

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017

Tulips Keychain

Recently joined a facebook sewing friend who posted her tulips keychain and invited her Facebook friends who are interested to join her group project, the motive of hers is to gather friends who like sewing and encourage people to do the same project by sharing their designs, choice of colours, fabrics as well as ideas. 

For the past few days there were many already posted their final product, this has encouraged me to start sewing something cute. 

Took out fabrics I have, matching colours, set up table and tools to start working this afternoon! 

This isn't a hard project, I have all I need in stock, off I started with cutting, machine sewing and hand sewing. 

This is my final product: 

Since I cut extra square fabrics, I made another set of smaller bundle tulips keychain 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

玩具收藏 - TM31 美善品万能机玩具限量收藏版

三年前因参加一项比赛而赢取的限量版TM31 美善品万能机玩具收藏版,出售!

玩具收藏 - 限量版美善品万能机玩具 

RM380 (不包邮费)

TM 31 美善品万能机玩具限量收藏版
• Varoma 蒸锅
• 3 速度
• 计时表
• 玩具乘量器
• LED 温度显示灯
• 结束提示音乐
• 可搅拌柔软食材
• 可移动塑胶搅拌刀
• 随机工具: 刮刀, 蝴蝶棒和量杯
Thermomix TM 31 限量版玩具

Thermomix TM31 Battery Operated Toys for collector

I won this collectible TM31 Junior (Toys) set three years ago from

Collectible Toys - THERMOMIX TM31 TOYs for collector 

RM380 (Postage not included)

TM 31 The Thermomix Toy For Kids in original packaging.
• Varoma containers and lids
• 3 speeds
• Timer function is active
• Playful weighing function
• LED temperature display
• Signal melody at the end of the time program
• Able to mix soft ingredients
• Easy to clean due to removable blades
• Accessories: Spatula, butterfly and measuring cups
Thermomix TM 31 Toy For Kids

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Beaker for sale 烧杯出售

Handmade Lip Balm tool - Beaker set
手工护唇膏工具 - 烧杯 配套
High quality beaker set for sale 
RM28 only two sets left 只剩两组
Exclude Postage 不包邮费

Handmade Natural Lip Balm new batch

 Received a call from a church friend, that I gave her two lip balm sticks in my first making, as I know her daughter is suffering from chapped lips even in her young age, and she couldn't use commercial lip balm which those will worsen her condition. 

After a few days of applying my handmade lip balm, her daughter loved it, even her friend is having the same problem used it for one time, they loved the texture and the soothing effect of this lip balm.

New batch for new order. Sweet Almond Oil Lip Balms for chapped lips, natural handmade lip balms, I used cherry blossom essential oil this time.


新订单,新制作纯天然手工护唇膏,干裂嘴唇加强护理好帮手, 这一次启用了樱桃香精油。

#sweetalmondoillipbalm #lipbalms #handmadelipbalms #handmade #chappedlips #甜杏仁油 #甜杏仁油护唇膏 #自制护唇膏

纯天然手作护唇膏 DIY 配套 给初学者


纯天然手作护唇膏 DIY 配套 给初学者





12 x 护唇膏管
12 x 贴纸
2 x 30克 甜杏仁油
20g 白蜂蜡
4 x VE 胶囊

全套 RM 110  (不包邮费)

Lip Balm DIY set for beginner


Natural Lip Balm DIY Set for Beginner

Only one set. Just pack one set for those who really want to try to make and do not want to spend too much on buying many materials but only use a little. Enough for two makings. 

Here is the set for you, and it is good enough for you to make good and natural lip balms as Christmas presents to your close friends. 


12 x lip balm sticks
12 x stickers
2 x 30g Sweet Almond Oil
20g Refined Bee Wax
4 x VE capsules

All for RM 110  (Postage not included)

Handmade Natural Sweet Almond Oil Lip Balm for Chapped lips

Lip Balms for Chapped lips treatment 

My niece has been suffering from chapped lips and sensitive problems, the most serious days were her lips both swollen badly. She has tried using commercial lip balms and some handmade lip balms. Yet this sweet almond oil lip balm really surprised her, good effect even the next day you can see the result.

I have the same experience after using my first handmade sweet almond oil lip balm, after a few days, I no longer needed to apply every hour, probably once in 3-4 hours time.

If you are not the DIY person, here I am selling freshly made Sweet Almond Oil Lip Balms.

Buy handmade natural lip balm for chapped lips here!

Jane's Sweet Almond Oil Lip Balms each RM18 

【Limited Time Promo】 Buy 5 free 1 - Postage excluded

Order via comment

【Sweet Almond Oil Lip Balm】
Weight :4g 
Ingredient:Sweet Almond Oil、VE capsule、Unrefined Bee Wax
Efficacy:Moisturizing replenishment,repair and improve skin conditions
Storage:Keep in cool and dry place, best in refrigerator.
Expiry :<25 12="" 2="" for="" months="" refrigerated="" span="">
note:To exclude of using essential oils in lip balms for pregnancy and baby usage upon request.


嘴唇干裂 问题护理方案。



若您的 嘴唇干裂 到一个地步是看医生后都无法解决的时候,像我那般痛苦,用自制纯天然手工护唇膏吧。



Jane's 甜杏仁护唇膏 每支 RM18 


【限时优惠】 买5支送一支 - 不包邮费


质量保证期限:<25 span="">

Thursday, May 25, 2017

7th Commandment Be faithful in Marriage craft idea

This is the craft I use for 7th Commandment - Be faithful in Marriage

Teaching children to make origami ring is fun, they will have much fun making tons of them.

Difference in size on using half-origami and measured 8cmx5cm
Will you marry me?

 This is part of 10 commandments lapbook, I made a small envelop to keep two origami rings in it, sealed with two diamond stickers.

Here is the video I made during the class. Hope the explanation is clear enough for you. However I have tutorial on pictures below.

How to make origami diamond ring video tutorial

How to make Origami Diamond Ring 

For children, they just need long strip of 8cm x 5cm to have duo sided effect, you will need another small piece of paper size in 2.5cm x 3cm as shown in the Origano Diamond Ring tutorial video.

This is half of origami duo sided

Fold half to make a clear folding line.

Open it, and fold another half to get the folding line clear.

Open it up

Now, make the quarter fold this time. 

Do the same to the other side.

From the quarter fold, fold up to the half folded line.

This is how it should be.

fold both ends together to get the center folding line.

Here is what you should get.

Using a finger to mark the center point.

Turn paper up to make diagonal fold, keep the center be the center point. 

Do the same to the other side

fold up both edges 

joining both ends by tug into one end to the other end

I bought diamond stickers from Daiso. 

Sewing Octopus Etsy MIni Shop

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